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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATIONS​


Platinum Voice PR will professionally consult you for a block of time. It is our duty to make sure you have the package to fit your needs! 

We advise and counsel on every aspect of managing your own career as an artist from business structure to your marketing and promotion strategies.  We will help you establish and build the solid foundation necessary for you to achieve your music career goals.




 Just a Few Areas of Discussion May Include But Not 
  Limited to The Following:


The Business End Of your Career Including Legal

     Structure and Accountability


 Review and Analysis of Your Current Traditional and

     Digital Promotion and Marketing Techniques to

     Determine Strengths and Weakness and New Strategies


 Budget and Investment Backers in Your Music Career


 Artist Branding - Social Network Build-Out & Syndication


 Official Artist Website Design, Development & Marketing


 Viral Internet and Social Marketing Tactics


CD, Video Release and Tour Consulting


 Both Physical and Digital Distribution Outlet

 Recommendations and Facilitation


 Radio Promotion Techniques and Strategies


 Full Review of Your Promotional Arsenal Including Press 

     &  Media Kit, Promo Photos, Videos, Material, Online 

     Official and Social Properties 


 Market and Fan base Expansion Strategies and Resources


    Tour Planning and Facilitation, Budgets and Logistics,

    Agent Acquisition, Promoter-Connect, Festivals, Gig 

    Swapping Strategies


  Artist Development, Image Consulting


  Merchandise Development & Sales Strategies


  DIY Music Publicity, Press, and Music Media Related



 Basically Every Aspect Known to Man Today to Market 

    and Promote Your Career and Release

 ​ ​ ​​​             ​     
 60 Minutes of Block Time
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