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Publishing Services

We provide Development, Production, Design and Dissemination of Literary works, Musical works, Videos & other works dealing with information.

Music Production

Music is a passion of ours and we want you to succeed.Platinum Voice PR is affiliated with BMI & ASCAP and  willing to increase our clients profitability.
We will go above and beyond for placement within our network of reputable  companies.
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PlatinumVoice PR supports the independent author by offering all of the services of traditional publishing houses (editing, marketing and distribution). Every author has different goals, needs, and challenges, so it’s important to be able to create a publishing package that fits an author’s individual requirements.
One author might need help structuring his or her content to best reach a specific target audience, while another author may not need any editorial work, but might want a custom cover design. Let PlatinumVoice PR assist you with your custom package! Packages start at 800.00 and up
Contact for Details HERE! 
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